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1125 S wabash Ave, Kokomo, in

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Single Family Home

2 bed
1.5 bath
972 sq ft 
6,229 sq ft lot
New A/C unit
New furnace
Partially remodeled


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Wholesale Price - $35,121
Repairs- $31,328
ARV: $101,574

Property Details

This is a single family home with a ton of potential. The property has been in the process of being remodeled. 
Some of these updates include new A/C unit, furnace, many new windows, floor repair, and new flooring. 
Repairs needed in the house include finishes, flooring, some drywall work and paint.  
This is on a large lot, sitting back from the road with a large front yard. 

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House is being sold as-is, and the buyer is to pay all closing costs.
$2,000 Non-Refundable earnest money to be deposited by NOON of the following day or contract will be cancelled. 
The buyer is not relying on any representations, whether written or oral, regarding the properties above. Price based on a cash or hard money offer and is net to seller. Buyers to do their own independent due diligence.

Buyer must do your own due diligence, evaluation and inspection prior to making an offer. Determining value is the buyer's responsibility. Seller strongly recommends buyers employ an Investment Realtor to help determine value. Any reference to the value of a property by the Seller or any representative of the Seller is an opinion of value. Everyone has a differing opinion on value, cost of construction, materials, quality of workmanship and market speculation. Value is ultimately the buyer's responsibility and they should be diligent in determining market value.

If you are currently working with a client, and wish to receive a commission, please note that the wholesale price does not include your commission. You may want to negotiate a commission with your client separate from the wholesale price or you may adjust the wholesale price upwards to include your commission.

If you'd like to JV on this deal send us a text message, email, or call to let us know you are going to be sharing our deal with your investors.